Kagda ka is located in New Jersey, USA. It is the highest roller coaster in the world.
Found at the base of Six Flags Great Adventure, Kagda Ka is 456 feet (139m) tall.
It is taller than Top Thrill Dragsterm roller coaster.
It was first presented to fans (people) in September 2004.
It was officially opened to public on 21st May 2005.
It uses a hydraulic launch, making the travel faster with smoother accelaration enginering electromagnetic and catapult.

By:Asier Oiartzun

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  1. I think I wouldn´t ride on that roller coaster, it´s too high. The Shambala roller coaster in Port Aventura is enough for me.

  2. You have put a lot information and it is very interesing.

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