Burj Al Arab is in Dubai.
It is the third tallest hotel in the world.
Burj Al Arab is 321m tall.
The construction started in 1994 and finished in 1999.
The design and construction were managed by Canadian engineer Rick Gregory.
Burj Al Arab has only 28 double-story floors which has 202 bedroom suites. But they are very big.
The shape of the structure is designed as a sail of a ship.
Burj Al Arab is taller than the Statue of Liberty.
Burj Al Arab is shorter than the Eiffel Tower.
By: Lander Zabala

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  1. Great Lander, very good job and two comparisons are very interesting.This hotel must be very expensive as well.

  2. Aintzane, this afternoon in the English class we are going to work on it. How much that it cost to sleep for one night??? We are going to let you know. Thanks!!!

  3. So Atlantis hotel is cheaper than Burj Al Arab. If I´m not wrong I would say this the most expensive hotel in the world.Thanks so much, I think we won´t be able to go on holiday there.

  4. We think we won´t be able to go to Atlantis hotel nor Burj Al Arab either. If we are lucky and win the Christmas lottery we can all go together.

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